Walking together for an Education with direction


Kindergarten Cendi 3, located in Cozumel Island.


Kindergarten Carmelina López Lira equipped with modern and spacious facilities in Playa del Carmen.


Legally established on december 8th 2015, Fundación Lomas I.A.P. arises from the biggest dream of Mrs. Dolores López Lira and her husband Mr. José Luis Martínez.


Aware of the role of young adults in the development of the State through education, they created the figure of the organization as a Private Assistance Institution ruled by the Social Assistance Board of the State of Quintana Roo with the social purpose dedicated to Education.


After two years of limited operations, during the second half of 2017, with the arrival of new guidelines, the programs were consolidated and grew.


2017 / Noviembre

Creation of the reference model for students in alliance with education institutions. 

First awarded scholarships; 40 academic scholarships and 10 internships for high school and university students.


2018 / Enero

Creation of the reference model, the New program “Educación básica” aimed to Grupo Lomas collaborators, is inaugurated. Hilario, a student of Escuelita de Sonia, was the first beneficiary of monthly donations from the Ángel Lomas program.


2018 / Noviembre

Fundación Lomas was awarded a distinction for institutionalism and transparency. It became the fifth in the state of Quintana Roo to obtain this title.

2019 / Abril

Cleaning of Playa Tortugas, the first action for “Ángel Lomas” volunteer group made up of interns. 

2019 / Junio

First generation of “Sueña, Vive y Transforma” graduates.

2020 / Marzo


Because Covid-19 pandemic an online work program was created to continue with the organization’s activities: Home office, online workshop,  Remote dynamics and more connected than ever. 


Mrs. Maria Dolores López Lira e Hinojo


Mr. José Luis Martinez Alday 

Vocal y Representante legal

Mrs. Sammantha Frachey

Directora General

Mtra. Rocio Moreno Medina


Mr. Leonardo Antonio Mendoza Castañeda.


C.P. Rosalba Herminia Ake

Comité de comunicación

Jocelyn Martínez

Comité de comunicación

Karen Montalvo

Diseñadora Jr.

Yuly Poot

Coordinadora de Fundación Lomas I.A.P

Mitzi Aguilar

Comité administrativo

Mónica Arceo

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