Manage the social well being through programs oriented to education that strengthen the talents and abilities of our beneficiaries.


Be an organization with education programs with focus on human rights of quality that stimulate young Mexicans in the construction of their professional future in favor of their social environment.

Dream, live and transform

Promote formative strategies for the development of work competencies, with the aim that people in conditions of economic vulnerability and educational backwardness find employment opportunities that allow them to promote their development and the social well being of the community.

Education with direction

Provide scholarships at the basic, upper secondary and higher education levels, which allow the beneficiaries to achieve their comprehensive training and with it the fulfillment of their professional and life goals.

OSC Strengthening

Manage connections with civil society organizations in order to provide them with tools that allow them to consolidate their quality and professionalism.

Zero educational lag

Promote access to basic, upper secondary and higher education for young adults focusing on their professional and life goals.